artificial life, nature and technology, spatial music
2022 - ongoing

Komorebi is a swarm of artificial creatures that make music in response to the sun, the clouds and the shadows of trees moving in the wind.

sound, space, artificial life

Lampyridae are artificial creatures which communicate between each other through sound. Together they form a swarm of pulsing entities, offering a space for contemplation that is fragile and unpredictable.

installation, sound, architecture, kinetic

Quiet Before the Storm is a site-specific kinetic sound installation which refers to the notion of numinous sound (sound of divine origin) put forth by the anthropologist Donald Tuzin during his studies of the Bullroarer cult in Papua New Guinea.

performance, sound, architecture, robotics

Echo Moiré is a robotic opera-ballet in which a pair of loudspeaker vehicles is employed to play a room as a musical instrument. Exploring the acoustic properties of the room, the vehicles create aural images that float in the air, enveloping listeners with patterns of echoes rebounding off the walls.

sound, performance, built environment
2012 - 2018

City Sondols was series of public interventions exploring architecture and public space that employed performative practices and mobile audio devices to induce perceptual shifts within the built environment.

Zuidwal 29/a, 2512 XS, The Hague
Willem Dreespark 312, 2531 SX, The Hague